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Ready to ride with your sisters?
Sedona is the place!

Imagine cruising a world-class scenic highway past Cathedral Rock and Capital Butte, two of the most photographed rock formations in America, with the wind and sun in your face and in your hair.  Think about a 3000-foot climb up breath-taking Oak Creek Canyon into the Ponderosa Pine forests surrounding Flagstaff. The roar of your sister-friend’s bikes all around you as together, you cross the boundaries between the “shoulds and must-dos” to your personal place of freedom and your own wonderful orbit. Don’t just imagine it – join us!

Sedona, Arizona Motorcycle Tour Retreats for Women

This is your chance to get out of the routine, ride the wind, contemplate your life in a supportive, nurturing space. Connect with new friends, express yourself fully, feel alive in some of the most awesome biking territory you will ever experience. This is what women crave; it’s why we ride, what we all deserve. And, now is the time. We have exciting multi-day and single-day tours planned all year. Get more info here!

Don’t have a bike right now? Don’t let that stop you! We partner with Eagle Riders of Flagstaff and Sedona for bike rentals. Don’t see a tour you like? Call us. We customize affordable tours, whether you’re in a small or large group.

  The Wonder of Sedona
  A Bike Ride Down Oak Creek Canyon